Property Management

In addition to the development of new projects, Randazzo Properties undertakes the day to day management of all properties held by the company. In doing so, we can assure that delays in attending to maintenance and repair issues are minimal and that the quality of service is strictly monitored.

The principals and owners of Randazzo Properties have operated in the Northern Territory construction, property development and property management industries for over 50 years. Randazzo Properties manage a diverse cross section of properties and service a wide number of clients, including multi-storey & low rise office buildings and industrial properties which cater for a variety of government and blue chip tenancies. Also currently under management are a number of residential units and houses. These and other properties are spread from the Darwin CBD through to the Katherine town centre some 330 kilometres south of Darwin.

As can be seen from the above listing, the principal focus of the Randazzo Properties’ leasing activity is Commonwealth and NT Government departments however, we also accommodate a significant number of private sector tenants.

With regard to property management, our main objective is to provide our tenants with high quality accommodation and to ensure their peaceful enjoyment of the tenancy throughout the term of their lease.

We achieve this aim by applying the three policy statements outlined below:

  1. To design and build (or acquire) buildings that are energy efficient, low maintenance and provide the tenants with high quality accommodation.
  2. To design and implement effective maintenance programs so as to ensure peak performance of all systems throughout our buildings, and to minimise downtime due to malfunction or breakdown, particularly during business hours.
  3. To ensure prompt responsiveness in the event of breakdowns or of any other requests by our tenants.

In order to provide a consistently high standard of service, the executives of Randazzo Properties are available both during and after business hours, and attend to property management issues personally, thus ensuring that the quality of our tenants’ accommodation needs is maintained at all times.